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[2018-03-22 03:15 +0100] DONE Bip> Bug #610 (Resolved): Path construction issue.
[2018-03-22 02:37 +0100] WIP Bip> Revision eaed46da (bip): Merge branch 'path_test_use_stat'
[2018-03-22 02:37 +0100] WIP Bip> Revision 025689d8 (bip): Merge branch 'dh_param_not_mandatory'
[2018-03-22 02:37 +0100] WIP Bip> Revision 948b41ef (bip): Merge branch 'fix_path_construction_issue'
[2018-03-22 02:33 +0100] WIP Bip> Revision 7834471f (bip): default value isn't used when path doesn't exist
[2018-03-22 02:33 +0100] WIP Bip> Revision 13b2e376 (bip): DH parameters are not always required
[2018-03-21 12:15 +0100] DONE Bip> Bug #499 (Resolved): bip 0.9.0 cannot start on upgrade from 0.8.9 unless user generates DH params, this is not at all clear
[2018-03-21 11:54 +0100] WIP Bip> Revision 3afb16d7 (bip): checking path: use stat
[2018-03-21 11:52 +0100] WIP Bip> Revision 15e9d1b4 (bip): default value isn't used when path doesn't exist
[2018-03-21 11:51 +0100] WIP Bip> Revision 0fd5bee8 (bip): DH parameters are not always required
Word from the Admin Team
[archives] « Happy New Year! »


Hope you had a nice celebration time :-).

Plans for the Future

One of the main priority this year is to replace Orfeo and Toushirou’s bodies, as they are getting quite old (and slow). If you have any advice or opportunity, please tell us.

There’s also work underway to make service more reliable and we’d like to revive the monitoring which is currently down because Korutopi is no more.

We’ll continue evaluating our service to close down obsolete ones and focus energy on more interesting things. Feel free to suggest improvements.

Open Infrastructure

There’s ongoing steps to make our work more visible and transparent. DuckCorp is almost an Open Infrastructure now, with only few documentation bits still hidden. Many things are still manually managed on the servers, so involuntarily hidden, but with the switch to Ansible for configuration management, this is improving quickly.

You can have a look at the project wiki here:

And the code / main README:

All the bits are Free Software of course. We welcome contributions.

Security Fixes

In light of the recent processor-related failures, we’ll be rebooting the machines with new kernels soon, when all fixes are available. The exact time will be announced on IRC.

IRC Upgrade

We already planned to change the IRC softwares which became unmaintained. TLS linking support was broken but happily all traffic is confined in the Hivane network so no big deal. Also the services regularly "forget" about channel settings, even for so called permanent channels, which is really annoying.

We’d also like to promote use of TLS in order to improve the network’s privacy. We will do this step by step.

Recently many SPAM attacks happened on public networks and being a small isolated network did not help. Enforcing TLS and/or identifying to NICKSERV could be a very efficient way to block all SPAM out.

The services will soon be shutdown, we can live without it. One of the two servers will be put out of rotation too to be rebuilt with the new software. Please use to connect or you may end-up on the empty and unstable server being built. The switch to the new network will be advertised on the old network and the remaining server shutdown to allow people to reconnect automagically to the new one.



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