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[2024-04-17 17:42 +0200] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision 468290a9 (duckcorp-infra): n/interfaces does not like comments not at beginning of line
[2024-04-17 17:27 +0200] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision ba6845f4 (duckcorp-infra): Toushirou: switch MAC for eth-wan-hivane
[2024-04-02 04:56 +0200] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision 850d97b2 (duckcorp-infra): fail2ban: apply tags
[2024-04-02 04:55 +0200] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision 418ee484 (duckcorp-infra): duckland: new IPs for new Pond
[2024-03-22 05:35 +0100] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision 97a08878 (duckcorp-infra): duckland: add extra VLAN for untrusted devices
[2024-02-18 23:45 +0100] WIP Bip> Revision d19099eb (bip): Log unhandled IRC errors as LOG_INFO in bip.log
[2024-02-18 15:39 +0100] WIP Bip> Revision 99a1244e (bip): Allow a user to /BIP JUMP [-f] [other_conn] (within their list).
[2024-02-18 15:15 +0100] WIP Bip> Enhancement #800 (In Progress): Update copyright data
[2024-02-18 15:13 +0100] WIP Bip> Enhancement #761: Debian bug: `backlog_lines = 10` in default bip.conf makes users lose messages
[2024-02-18 15:13 +0100] DONE Bip> Enhancement #756 (Resolved): Fix reconnect timer
Word from the Admin Team
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Happy New Year everyone!

We recently got informed that one of our hosting is going to end very soon. The service provider is moving to another datacenter and in the process decided to change their services and end rentals of small spaces. Consequently our server Toushirou is loosing its home and we’ve been looking for a replacement. We just found one and we have the opportunity to make the move easily thanks to a friend but this has to be done today, January 9th, French time. It’s happening too quickly to prepare all configurations beforehand, so we’re focusing on proper network and management access and we’ll fix services afterwards. That is to say that many services won’t work during the move and some time afterwards too, sorry. Mail will continue to work but mailing-lists and the webmail will not. We’ll keep you informed on IRC as usual.

Btw, Orfeo is not in a stable situation and we were thinking about moving it too (and refreshing the hardware too), but to a different place to ensure availability of core services. We have a plan but the move has not happened yet. In the past we heavily relied on kind sponsoring and this helped us a lot financially, but unfortunately this time has ended and that’s why we were not sure what would happen to Orfeo, or the low renting prices for Toushirou. This two moves are going to ensure our services are safer but the housing cost is going to ramp from 63.18€/month up to around 200€/month (it’s an estimate, I’ll update the cost in the wiki when we get the final details). That is to say if you feel like giving a bit from time to time, that would be very helpful 😊.



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