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[2023-01-27 08:38 +0100] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision b8392cd7 (duckcorp-infra): rtp: increase mail quota
[2023-01-27 03:44 +0100] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision 5d5e14f5 (duckcorp-infra): dns: add
[2023-01-27 03:44 +0100] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision a44e2376 (duckcorp-infra): arnau: reenable login
[2022-07-31 10:59 +0200] NEWS DuckCorp Infrastructure> work
[2022-07-02 10:19 +0200] NEWS DuckCorp Infrastructure> work
[2022-05-26 10:41 +0200] NEWS DuckCorp Infrastructure> work
[2022-03-18 02:21 +0100] NEWS Bip> bip 0.9.3 "sanitize our bip and add some layers"
Word from the Admin Team
[archives] « [DC-Users] Maintenance on Toushirou planned next Monday afternoon (2022-06-06) »


Next Monday afternoon (2022-06-06), we will investigate an issue related to the Toushirou host. This issue prevents us to reboot Toushirou remotely, see [1] for the technical details. The investigations will take place from the data center.

Expect some disturbances and a bit of downtime (most web services).




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